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The Diamond Standard
9:30 AM
The Diamond Standard is specifically designed for young adults, ages 15-29. You can expect to learn a lot about yourself - your unique strengths and weaknesses and how to use them for your benefit as you pursue your education, in the workplace, as a parent and in all of your relationships. http://acpcpueblo.org/thediamondstandard/

The 10 week course is offered weekly, on rotation, at ACPC.For more information or to register for the next class rotation, please call 719.544.9312.

All of the services at ACPC are confidential and free of charge.

DARE TO DREAM: Explore your incredible ability to dream and create extraordinary success.
MASQUERADING: Uncover the roles and games people play to feel confident and safe in life.
TREASURE HUNTING WITHIN: Discover the amazing talents, skills and experiences that position you for fantastic success.
SUCCESS TALK: Express yourself more clearly and achieve your goals more directly through effective communication.
NO WAR ZONE: Resolve conflict and create new hope for the future with cooperative, win-win strategies.
CULTIVATING CHARACTER: Enhance your future by learning to showcase the core character qualities common to successful leaders worldwide.
WEAVING WONDERLAND: Expand your potential for success by developing a wide range of healthy relationships.
HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Celebrate the joy of love and commitment by preparing for healthy romantic relationships.
PROMOTING FUTURE BRILLIANCE: Inspire others to excel by becoming an aware, intentional role model.
ATTRACTING SUCCESS: Achieve magnificent things by developing a strategy to go beyond the current limits of your life
Age Group: Adults
Venue: ACPC
Address: 500 Colorado Ave Pueblo, CO 81004
Phone: 719-544-9321

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